A lion can snatch and eat a cub in a newly-acquired pride to improve his chances with the mother. (Photo : Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images) Few things are more […]

Flu Virus

New hand-held breath monitor capable of detecting the flu virus with just a single exhale. (Photo : David McNew/Getty Images) A professor from the University of Texas in Arlington has […]

Redback spider

Only the female Redback is considered dangerous, with their venom containing neurotoxins, which works very slowly. Fatalities, even from untreated bites, are rare. Australia is home to some of the […]


Denying women access to abortion is more detrimental to their mental health than undergoing an actual abortion. (Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images) A new study revealed that denying women access […]

Fruit bat

The scientists who participated in the study were able to identify four classifications that make up about 60 percent of bat chatter: food, sleeping position, protest over mating, and arguments […]