Breast Cancer

Researchers from University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center have discovered that nanoparticles could be a solution to making breast cancer treatments more effective as it can slow down tumor growth, […]


The group of young chimpanzees conspired to attack Foudouku. They abused and cannibalized his body for nearly four hours. (Photo : Rick Stevens/Taronga Zoo via Getty Images) It has been […]

Skin Check-up

A team of computer scientists from the Stanford University has created a powerful artificially intelligent diagnosis algorithm that could detect dangerous skin lesions just like a seasoned dermatologist. (Photo : […]


the pig is so big that it can carry an adult on the back. (Photo : Joern Pollex/Getty Images) A new «Pig King» has been hailed at a competition in […]

Hannibal Lecter

Psychopaths are generally described to be manipulative, dishonest and apathetic. However, the idea that they are also clever and smart — as often portrayed in television, isn’t exactly true. In […]

Stem Cells

A team of scientists from Salk Institute has successfully generated human cells and tissues in the embryo of pigs, making it the first ever human-pig embryo. (Photo : Sandy Huffaker/Getty […]