Fish Migration

Researchers able to map out fish migration patterns using Environmental DNA. (Photo : Jeff T. Green/Getty Images) Researchers from the Rockefeller University have successfully recorded the migration of several key […]

Asian Elephant

Elephants are naturally intelligent social creatures, but Mali is being held in deplorable and isolated conditions in Philippines’ Manila Zoo. (Photo : Joern Pollex/Getty Images) Imagine being trapped in a […]


Scientists unearthed 30 human bones that provide strong evidence of cannibalism in the Stone Age. (Photo : Photo by Dimas Ardian/Getty Images) Cannibalism has always fascinated mankind, not in small […]


Scientists unearthed the first giant shipworm Kuphus polythalamia ever discovered. (Photo : Newsy (Courtesy of PNAS)/YouTube Screenshot) Scientists unearthed the first giant shipworm ¬†( Kuphus polythalamia) ¬†ever discovered. For hundreds […]

Bear charges Tahoe Men

Incline Village residents claim that the bear’s death is heart-breaking, especially because the bear had been in the area for ten years. (Photo : TahoeJohnny Gomez/YouTube) A bear, who was […]

Rock Fossils

Researchers claim that that they may have uncovered what seems to be the oldest life on Earth embedded in rocks that survived for at least 3.7 billion years. (Photo : […]

Chicken-like dinosaur

The strange dinosaur named Jianianhualong tengi resembles a giant chicken with teeth — unlike modern birds. (Photo : News/YouTube Screenshot) It may be millions of years ago since dinosaurs roamed […]