dog meat protest

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — AUGUST 07: Members of Coexistence for Animal Rights confine themselves in a cage as a protest against eating dog meat on August 7, 2012 in Seoul, […]

Air Pollution

Air pollution could influence infection-causing bacteria in the body, making them stronger and more resistant to antibiotics. (Photo : Kevin Frayer/Getty Images) A new multidisciplinary study from the University of […]


The gender reassignment was decided upon so Molly could live normally in comfort. She underwent surgery in June, when she was about six months old, and she has now recovered […]


New smartphone app could help men measure their sperm count in the comfort of their homes. (Photo : Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images) Imagine yourself in a small room trying to ejaculate […]


FootStriker addresses a new runners« tendency to land incorrectly by placing a pressure sensor inside a shoe»s insole. When an incorrect step is detected, a pad on the back of […]