Pork Chops

The motivation behind lab-grown meat is to to alleviate issues plaguing the food industry as well as help in food security and safety. (Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images) The world’s […]


A multi-disciplinary team from Germany claims that they have found the underlying cause of a disorder characterized by persistent intrusive thoughts being compensated by repetitive ritualized behavior. (Photo : Sean […]

Girl Playing With Dog

Pet dogs could serve as social support for children, lessening the kids’ stress. (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) A new study by the researchers from the University of Florida revealed […]

Lion’s Gate Sanctuary

(Photo : Lion’s Gate Sanctuary via SkyKel/YouTube) Lion’s Gate Sanctuary in Colorado is in hot water after euthanizing all of its exotic animals — three tigers, three lions and five […]

Medical Cannabis

Mice exposed to low-dosage of cannabis have more links between nerve cells in the brain, compared to those who were not exposed. (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) A new study […]

two headed rat

The two-headed rat in Canavero’s study only lived for 36 hours. He has also tried a head transplant on a dog, but the details for that study has not been […]

Couple in Bed

Employees who have healthy sex life are more likely to be happier in their jobs and more engaged in the office. (Photo : Ryan Pierse/Getty Images) A new study from […]

Sepsis Cure

A doctor from Norfolk, Virginia claims that he had discovered a simple treatment that could cure a deadly medical condition that can lead to shock and multiple organ failure. (Photo […]

Franklin expedition

Two ships sailed, zero returned and only a tragic tale of cannibalism drifted back to shore. (Photo : Hulton Archive/Getty Images) The Franklin Expedition is considered one of the worst […]