Fish Migration

Researchers able to map out fish migration patterns using Environmental DNA. (Photo : Jeff T. Green/Getty Images) Researchers from the Rockefeller University have successfully recorded the migration of several key […]

Asian Elephant

Elephants are naturally intelligent social creatures, but Mali is being held in deplorable and isolated conditions in Philippines’ Manila Zoo. (Photo : Joern Pollex/Getty Images) Imagine being trapped in a […]


Scientists unearthed the first giant shipworm Kuphus polythalamia ever discovered. (Photo : Newsy (Courtesy of PNAS)/YouTube Screenshot) Scientists unearthed the first giant shipworm  ( Kuphus polythalamia)  ever discovered. For hundreds […]

Bear charges Tahoe Men

Incline Village residents claim that the bear’s death is heart-breaking, especially because the bear had been in the area for ten years. (Photo : TahoeJohnny Gomez/YouTube) A bear, who was […]

Chicken-like dinosaur

The strange dinosaur named Jianianhualong tengi resembles a giant chicken with teeth — unlike modern birds. (Photo : News/YouTube Screenshot) It may be millions of years ago since dinosaurs roamed […]

Porbeagle Shark

Porbeagle Shark (Lamna nasus), a relative of the great white, is known for its large, round eyes and stout body. It is usually bluish on its top and has a […]

barn owl

A Barn Owl is held during London Zoo«s annual stocktake of animals on January 3, 2013 in London, England. The zoo»s stocktake takes place annually, and gives keepers a chance […]