These scales, made up of keratin, are traditionally believed in a number of Asian countries as a cure for a variety of illnesses including cancer. Pangolin meat is also considered […]

Coral Reef

Hundreds of millions of years ago, humans have yet to exist. Instead, new research in the journal Nature suggested that the man’s earliest known prehistoric ancestor was a tiny «bag-like» […]


Declining from around 35,000 in 2004 to just 7,000 in 2014, the 78-81 percent population drop over the decade is an alarming phenomenon that is thought to be due to […]

Polar Bear

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service have recently released a Conservation Management Plan to prevent polar bears from becoming extinct. (Photo : Bob Couey/SeaWorld San Diego via Getty Images) […]

Snow monkeys

Crossbreed species, such as the snow-rhesus macaque crossbreeds, is illegal in Japan after a revision of the country’s environmental law in 2013. Execution of the said animals is permitted by […]

Donald Trump

Scientist named a newly discovered species of moth after president-elect Donald Trump (Photo : Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Just days before Donald Trump assume office as the 45 th President of […]


Three critically endangered Hawaiian crows found dead at the Pu«u Maka»ala Natural Area Reserve less than two weeks after they are reintroduced into the wild. (Photo : Feng Li/Getty Images) […]